Choices of Cabinet Door Glass

As there are many different choices among the styles of solid cabinet doors (Shaker, flat, distressed, etc.), there are plenty of other options to make your doors pop. Glass is just one of those options and they come in many different varieties.

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clear kitchen cabinet door glass red wood boston cabinet cures

Clear/Transparent Glass

These cabinet doors work for all types and styles of kitchens and are widely available. They are good for showing off your organizational skills, your collection of teacups, and your great aunt’s china. However, the glass will also expose everything else in your cabinets, such as what type of coffee you drink and the leftover box of cereal you tried but didn’t like. This should be kept in mind as you consider this type of cabinet glass.

frosted kitchen cabinet door glass boston cabinet cures

Frosted Glass

This is a staple and contemporary style that allows some privacy for the items in your cabinets. Frosted glass, however, does not mean opaque, so the shapes of the items are visible, just not their names. This type of glass has been sandblasted to roughen one side in order to obtain that foggy, yet cool and sleek aesthetic.

reeded kitchen cabinet door glass boston cabinet cures

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass is a type of textured glass that had a roller pressed onto the glass, giving it a reed- or window blind-like look. This is another great option to blur your cabinet’s contents from the rest of the kitchen. Depending on the design of the space, it works well with traditional and contemporary styles. The thing to keep in mind is that, as with any textured glass, it may appear outdated down the road.

seeded kitchen cabinet door glass boston cabinet cures

Seeded Glass

This is another textured glass that has a bubbly appearance as the gasses float up to the surface. Although this is clearer than the reeded or frosted glass, it still blurs the items in your cabinets, depending on the size of the bubbles. This fits any rustic, Vintage, Craftsman, or custom-designed style of kitchen. Bubble size is a good thing to consider as you choose your doors and where they will go. Larger bubbled glass aids in obscuring those messier cabinets while the tiny-bubbled glass works well with showcasing your chinaware.

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