Choices of Cabinet Door Glass Cointuned

There are many styles of glass doors to choose from. Glass comes in many varieties. Each one will give your kitchen a unique functional style. Glass doors allow you to view the contents inside without opening the door. Its also a great way to display your kitchenware compared to open shelving because nothing will get dusty or damaged. Last week we created a list and discussed Clear/ Transparent Glass, Frosted Glass, Reeded Glass, and Seeded Glass. This week we will finish the list and go over Stained Glass, Mullion Fronts, Diamond-paned Glass, Arched Fronts, and Sliding Glass.

clear cabinet door glass white kitchen cabinets boston cabinet cures
stained kitchen cabinet door glass boston cabinet cures

Stained Glass

Stained glass doors resemble those of stained glass windows in cathedrals and old churches. While the glass is not technically “stain,” the colored pieces are cut, arranged, and glazed into panes. They add a bit of color and geometric design to your kitchen.

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mullion glass cabinet doors boston cabinet cures

Mullion Fronts

These cabinet glass doors are made up of transparent glass and Mullion bars that divide up the glass into sections. This gives the farmhouse, traditional, or coastal feel to the room. This is a great way to block some of the visibility to your cabinet contents and still allow from some dish display.

diamond-paned glass cabinet doors boston cabinet cures

Diamond-paned Glass

A diamond pattern in the glass adds a bit of subtle texture to the cabinet design. The glass can be textured, colored, or transparent, depending on how your tastes and goals are for the kitchen.

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arched glass cabinet doors boston cabinet cures

Arched Fronts

These are similar to the mullion fronts, but have an arch at the top of the doors. They allow for contrast with regular rectangular cabinet doors and lend a hand in a more traditional and decorative style.

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sliding glass cabinet doors boston cabinet cures

Sliding Glass

This is a modern, minimalist approach to cabinet doors. They can be transparent or frosted and provide functionality as well as a unique visual design.

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