Kitchen Island Design and Ideas Continued

Last week we talked about Kitchen Island layouts and function. This week we will cover appliances, storage and height.

Will You Add Appliances To Your Kitchen Island?

If you are interested in installing a sink or other appliance in your kitchen island, there are a few things to keep in mind. Appliances are large and will take up a considerable amount of space. You may also need to run electrical or plumbing to the kitchen island. If you do not have the room, an electrical outlet for small appliances may be a good alternative option.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

If you already have many cabinets and have no need of extra storage, adding extra on the kitchen island may not be necessary. However, extra storage is never a bad thing in a kitchen. Consider adding some cabinets or open shelves to one side of the island.

How Tall Should The Counters Be?

First things first: Determine your seating height. If you want to have bar stools at your island, you’ll need to decide your counter height: 36 or 42 inches. A 36-inch-high bar provides for seating counter stools; these seats are between a typical bar stool and a table seat in size and fit standard counter heights. Alternatively, 42-inch-high bar on the island can be designed in two levels, with the working side set lower for prep work and the dining side higher to accommodate bar stools. The step in between is a handy place for electrical outlets, as well.


Will an island work in your kitchen space? If so, consider adding one during your cabinet refacing project. Cabinet Cures can add the same refacing materials to the outside faces of your island while we reface your cabinets. Let us know when you talk to us about cabinet refacing that you are interested in a kitchen island in your space.

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