Adding Flair with Open Door Cabinets

Open door shelving is a great and useful tool to have in your kitchen if you have them. From a practical stance, It’s a great place to see and organize your plates, bowls, glasses, and other daily dishwares. From an aesthetic stance, there is a multitude of possibilities for adding color, shape, and style. Here are some tips to add flair to your open shelves in your kitchen.

Brackets vs Floating

A strong way to start decorating is with the shelves and brackets themselves. Bracket and floating shelves are a few options when it comes to these open shelves. Bracket shelves are just as their name states, they utilize brackets to hold up the shelves. With these, you will want to use strong, sturdy brackets and avoid smaller and weaker-made materials, such as plastic, to hold up the weight of your dishes.

There are many different styles of brackets to choose from for your shelves. However, if brackets aren’t your style, floating shelves maybe your option. Floating shelves are installed directly into the studs as the only support it has to carry the weight of the items you store. There are no other visible supports for this type of shelves.

Add a Colorful Background

Adding a color, such as paint or tiles, behind your shelves will add not only liven up the wall space where your dishes and mementos are displayed, but it will add color and flair to your kitchen as a whole. It’s best to avoid using a stark-white background as it still shows white-colored dust.

Display Your Items

One of the most obvious opportunities for open shelves besides dishes is a place to display your pretty, decorative items, such as your antiques, your fine china and teacups, holiday decorations and other decorative pieces. You can add as many or as few ornamental items to your shelves. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when displaying these items and belongings. Adding a variety of color and shapes and sizes to your shelves will keep the room appealing. Spread them out to draw your eye around the room and keep it looking balanced. This will add to the kitchen’s style and flair while keeping it from feeling too overwhelming.

A Warning for Earthquake-prone Areas

Open door cabinets are not good nor recommended to those in areas where earthquakes are common as their contents can fall and shatter. However, if you are determined to have these types of shelves, you can install shelves with lipped edges to prevent your dishes from crashing to the ground.

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