Why Cabinet Cures uses wood vs thermofoil Continued

We at Cabinet Cures of Boston don’t use thermofoil on your kitchen cabinet drawers and doors when refacing or refinishing. We use only the best quality of solid hardwoods to turn your kitchen cabinets from old and worn to beautiful and restored, thus adding value to your kitchen and home. All the wood we use is manufactured in the Pacific Northwest.

Pros of Wood

When it comes to wood has a lot more pros than cons going for it. Cabinets made from wood are generally fabricated out of hardwood and tend to resist scratches, dings, and dents from normal activities and use. Wood is also very durable and resistant to heat, however, if they do succumb to dents and dings, they can be easily refinished, refaced, or repainted. This material is reusable and renewable.

The possibilities are endless for the right style of wood cabinets in your kitchen with a wide variety of wood species, cabinet door styles, paints, stains, and lacquers. The uniqueness and beauty of natural wood can add flair to any kitchen, but if that doesn’t suit your style, there many options of paints available to add pops of colors to your kitchen.

With today’s styles, more people are turning towards wood for their cabinets as the aesthetic is pleasing and is generally more durable than thermofoil. Wood has been noted to increase value in their homes as more people are drawn to it when it comes to buying a home. Thermofoil still has a place in many people’s hearts though, but it’s no longer as popular as wood.

Cons of Wood

When it comes to cons for wood, there aren’t too many to be aware of. Solid wood cabinets tend to be more expensive to purchase and install, especially if you hired a professional. You can reduce the costs by installing them yourselves without too much trouble. Cleaning your cabinets regularly can warp them over time, especially if you use the wrong cleaner or soap on them.

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