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The Value of a Room

One of the most stressful times in a homeowner’s life can be when it is time to remodel rooms in the house. A room that will bring great value to a home is the kitchen, so great care is needed when choosing what this room will look like. Here are some simple tips to help with the stress of a kitchen remodel.

Start with a plan, making sure it is concrete. Every decision that is made should be directed back to the plan. Having this plan from the beginning will keep everyone on track and get everything done faster and smoother.

Fifty percent or more of the wall space in a kitchen is cabinets. So it is best to start with picking out cabinets when you are starting to remodel.

Before you drill down to the type of cabinets that you will want, remember to look at all options that are available. There are ways to save a ton of time and money that you may not know about. One such way is to reface your current cabinets instead of replacing what are probably already good quality boxes.

You can look for cabinets that will stand out but still will have a style that suits your needs. Once the style is picked out keep to that for everything from the cabinets to the hardware.

Some important facts to remember are that cabinets are the storage of your kitchen. Of course you want them to be stylish but make sure they are functional as well. Often overlooked is the direction of the door swing. For example, a door that opens into an oven will not be helpful when you are cooking and have to have both open at the same time.

Hope this helps when starting to think about your kitchen remodel. Once you get the cabinets done the rest of the kitchen will fall into place.

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