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Timeless Cabinets

Shaker style cabinet doors have a wide range of possible kitchen styles to choose from, even though from first glance the door style may seem rather plain. From traditional to industrial or modern, the square, simple style can be blended in to feel belonging in any kitchen aesthetic.

The origin of the shaker style originates from a religious sect of Christianity fully titled as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, branching from the Quaker community in 18th century England, labeled as “Shaking Quakers” or “Shakers”. One of the things they are most known for is their simple living, furniture, and architecture, and although there is only one community left, their legacy of simplicity lives on as seen in such popular cabinets today.

Through simplicity, the other features of the door, such as the wood chosen or colors painted, are brought to the forefront. If you want to really show off the materials chosen for the cabinets, the shaker door style is definitely an option for you. Starting off with choosing high-quality wood, the cabinets will let the wood be the star of the show. The shaker style cabinets are not as plain as many think they can be when paired with the right materials. Whatever finish that you choose, let it complement the kitchen and the wood chosen.

Probably the easiest way to take the shaker style cabinet doors and make them fit in with your kitchen is to include cabinet hardware that matches the rest of the kitchen. So whether the theme of your kitchen is modern, traditional, or contemporary, making sure to get handles and hinges that match flawlessly will tie the cabinets into the rest of the kitchen without issue.

Being the most cost effective door style if you’re not including the simple slab doors, they can be a wonderful choice for a more cost effective cabinet refacing for your kitchen remodel. Shaker style doors are not out of style yet and can be easily incorporated into most any kitchen. Due to their simplicity, they are a very versatile and classic style to have.



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