Open Door Cabinets Continued

This is the final part of the series. Here we will talk about how open cabinets are good for your budget, display case options and cons for using them in earthquake zones.

Money Saver

Purchasing new cabinets can be an expensive adventure. Refacing or refinishing them can cut down the costs when updating your kitchen cabinet doors. However, if your budget is too tight for refacing or refinishing your current cabinets, utilizing open cabinets is fairly inexpensive in both time and money. You can DIY with boards, paint, stain, finishes, and sturdy brackets or find your wall studs if you choose floating shelves.

Display Case

This type of shelving has great opportunities in displaying items other than your daily dishware. Open shelving allows for not only storing your daily dishware, but for your antiques, your grandmother’s fine china, your seasonal decorations, and your decorative items. A good idea to keep in mind when implementing decorative items into your kitchen is to have a variety of color, shapes, and sizes. This will contribute to your kitchen’s appearance and aesthetic. There is a downside to a display case, dust can accumulate, which will require a little bit of cleaning.

Open Door Cabinets by Boston Cabinet Cures

Not Good for Earthquake Prone Areas

If you live in an earthquake-prone area, then open shelving and floating shelves are not recommended. However, you can use precautions to avert items from falling out during a quake, if you are determined to have open shelving by using shelves with lipped edges or a wheeled bar cart for your glassware.

Open door cabinets provide a multitude of ways to utilizing your space functionally and practically. It opens up more space for organization and decoration while adding more visual space back into your kitchen, especially in a small kitchen. It allows for areas of color and different styles of shelves to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic. With some modest placement of open shelves, you can quickly and easily update the style of your kitchen without going over budget.

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