Open Door Cabinets Continued

Last week we spoke about open door cabinets. This might not be a popular trend but it creates more function within the kitchen. Not only do storage options increase but the space becomes visually brighter and more open. This week we will talk about how open shelving benefits guests, cleaning and organization.

Welcoming to Guests

Open shelves allow for easy access to everyday items, such as plates, bowls, water glasses, and your favorite coffee mug. This comes in handy when you are hosting guests. Instead of them opening up cabinet doors trying to find a glass or asking you, your guests can easily locate one for their water or iced tea. As a bonus, open door cabinets create a speedier process of emptying the dishwasher.

Easy to Clean

Contrary to the popular belief that open door cabinets will create more work with dust and grime buildup, it’s not as much as you would think. Dishes regularly used won’t have a buildup of dust, though the shelf may have a small amount over time which won’t take much time to wipe up. It may be a once a month or so job to dust your open shelves, depending on how many you have and which ones are used for regularly used dishes. When it comes to grime, the open cabinets closest to the stove can have a grimy buildup over time, just like any of your counters, knobs, handles, and kitchen cabinet doors. One way to prevent this is to install a hood range to contain the steam, smoke, and airborne grease.

Open Door Cabinets by Boston Cabinet Cures

Easier to Organize

Although it seems counter-intuitive, open shelving actually helps you organize your dishes easier. Without the limitations of cabinet boxes, doors, and the vertical dividers, more room is opened up so that your items aren’t crammed into the space. One of the catches with open shelving is the discipline to keep your dishes organized and in their proper places.

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