About Open Door Cabinets

Open door cabinets may not be a popular trend anymore, but it still has some amazing qualities to utilize in your kitchen. It replaces the use of cabinet doors and even the boxes themselves for a more simple, open shelving and allows for storage for everyday essentials in a more creative and open way. There are situations and places where it can detract from your kitchen, however, open shelving is a good option to keep in mind when updating your kitchen. Here are some points to consider when thinking about open shelving.

Storage Options Increase

When it comes to open shelves, any kitchen size can utilize them, but they work best in small kitchens. Open door cabinets can utilize and expand the awkward and tight cabinet shelving of your kitchen, whether it be small, compact spaces, fake cabinets, or blind corners. You’ll have more room to organize your dishes and items for display.

Visually Brighter & More Open

Cabinetry takes up visual and physical space on your walls in your kitchen, typically taking 12–24 inches, which is a lot of space if your kitchen is on the smaller side. When the cabinet boxes and doors are removed, you add back that visual space, making it feel more open. This also allows more light to come in through the windows and helps the space feel even larger. However,  not everyone wants to utilize open shelving for all their upper cabinets. If they have too many items stored on the upper shelves, it creates a busy, unorganized look. Some items or products may not be as aesthetically pleasing or the shelving can give the feel of an aisle in a grocery store. This is a good thing to keep in mind when using open shelving.

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