Old World Style Kitchen Continued

A popular choice of door style is the raised panels, sometimes paired with arches, as it is a clean look exposing the beauty of wood grains and distressed features. Large knobs, hinges, and hardware are generally used to add detail to this style of kitchen.

Something to keep in mind for the Old World style of kitchens is that not all the cabinets necessarily attached to the wall. They were also popularly seen as freestanding pieces of furniture with glass panels to showcase fine glassware and trinkets, slots for dishes, and cup racks. Sometimes they included beadboard cabinet doors and typically sit on bun feet with valence legs and flushed toes.

Cabinet Refacing Cabinet Cures

Molding is a very important element to include with these cabinets. Rounded and soft edge designs in the crown molding, such as rope crown molding or dental accents, enhance to the luxurious nature of the style. As with all crown molding, it draws the eyes upward giving the room a taller and grander feel.

Natural Color Palette

The Old World color palette is rich, warm, and inviting as it is drawn from nature. Creams, burgundy and rich reds, forest and hunter greens, navy, amber, distressed silvers and golds are a few good examples normally seen in the kitchen. Even the use of light-colored stones and granite and the dark colors of stained wood and wrought iron add to the color palette, creating a homey, inviting, and comfortable feel.

Light and Dark

One of the most noticeable features to an Old World kitchen is the use of contrasts, specifically with lights and darks as well as textures. Natural light is one of the biggest ways to add contrast to the kitchen as it opens up the room and highlights the dark colored cabinets and the wrought iron decorations.

Light-colored textured walls with faux plaster recall the elements from the Old World while enhancing the distinctiveness of the smooth counters, floors, and dark cabinets. Keeping the ceiling, floors, and counters light colored with paint, granites, marble, or light colored wood or stone helps to create a visually larger space and allow the darker cabinets and furniture stand out.

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