The Elements of Old World Style Cabinets

An Old World kitchen still remains popular today as it creates a timeless, rustic, and rich appearance reminiscent of its old 16th and 17th Century European roots. From these roots, this well-crafted style tends to utilize older reclaimed and recycled materials as well as the use of the older methods and tools. These kitchens were designed for the long term, heavy use and to replicate a European manor or estate. With distressed cabinets and floors constructed of aged wide planks or worn stone, these elements bring a warm, antiquated, and sophisticated look to the kitchen.

“Old World” is more of a broad term when it comes to this style as there are many influences that can determine the look of the kitchen. Several influences include Tuscan, French Country, Italian Villa, Spanish, Mediterranean, Dutch Cottage, Gothic, and Medieval to name a few.

So how does one identify or turn their kitchen into one with the Old World style? Let’s take a look at a few elements.

Natural Materials

Similar to the Craftsman style, the Old World style also utilizes natural materials. From wood to stone and metal, this style was designed not only for aesthetics but for durability. Wood can be found in exposed wooden beams in vaulted ceilings, archways, cabinets, and floors. Aged stone and varied granites can be seen on floors and counters, while metal and wrought iron bring in the most important and noticeable element into the style. Wrought iron chandeliers, decorative scrollwork under counters, in windows, and under islands, and baker’s racks or pot racks help pull in the Old World authenticity into the kitchen.

Old World Cabinetry

The cabinets in an Old World kitchen are also distinctive with craftsmanship being the biggest key. They are typically built for durability using many different hardwoods such as alder, oak, and cherry and then distressed and antiqued for a well-worn appearance. Darker stains applied to the cabinetry bring a warmth to the kitchen. Unique grain patterns are often chosen to show off the woods’ natural beauty and create more of the Old World style.

Old World Kitchen

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