Things To Consider

A kitchen with great design will increase the value of your home—both in terms of property value and personal value for yourself. Whether you are interested in attracting buyers or want to update your kitchen to the one of your dreams, the secret is to make sure you are creating a space your truly want. Kitchen cabinets themselves are the most important design factor when updating the space—one that will influence every other decision.

The first consideration you must make is to decide the kitchen style and aesthetic. Depending on the look you are going for and the style of the rest of the house, you may want a modern, traditional, country farmhouse, or other style of kitchen. If you live in a historical home, a sleek modern kitchen may not make sense, however much you may want it. However, there are compromises that can be made that can give you both the look you want while staying true to the home you live in, and Cabinet Cures can help you with these and other design decisions.

old world kitchen contrast

Next is determining the layout of the kitchen and cabinets. Because cabinets are the unmoving structural components, this piece of the puzzle cannot be changed once in place. Some questions you can ask yourself: Do you entertain a lot and require seating space? Do you need ample counter space for baking? Do you need extra storage?

Repetition and symmetry are design choices that are appreciated by humans as a species. Keeping cabinets the same size with the same level and proportions create consistency. The entire space should feel like it belongs together. If your space is small, consider going with a lighter color palette, as it will keep the kitchen from feeling enclosed. However, if the space is large already, this is not as big of a deal, and making sure the kitchen feels consistent throughout can matter more in large spaces.

The kitchen can be thought of as the hub to the house, so getting as much usable and open space as possible will be a great benefit towards increasing the resale and personal value. If you have the room, adding a kitchen island will further increase this value by creating a space for those not directly in the kitchen to exist alongside those cooking or cleaning.

Quality hardware for your kitchen will make using your kitchen feel fluid and functional. Investing in higher quality runners and hinges, soft-close drawers, and custom made cabinets that fit perfectly to the space of the kitchen will create a space you will love to use.