Final Characteristics in a Minimalist Kitchen

In this final article in the series, we are describing the final characteristics that make up a Minimalist Kitchen. Below are the links to read the other articles.


When it comes to ceiling lights, both big, decorative pendant lights and simple, non-protruding lights can work for this style. The larger, unique pendant lights or chandeliers are a great way to add a bit of flair to the room, just as long as they don’t overwhelm the space. These could be a metal, geometric chandelier or one with a subtle wood texture that mimics the stone floor.

Minimalist Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

Sometimes a Minimalist kitchen needs simple, in-set ceiling lights, often found in a drop-down panel of lights if the ceiling is concrete, or rows of lights to provide ample lighting for daily kitchen activities. These help create a larger, more modern feel to the room and work especially well in smaller kitchens. 

Cabinet lighting is another way to add adequate amount of lighting. Installing these types of lights under all the cabinets will not only allow the ease of making coffee in the morning without the use of the main kitchen lights, but they will give off an elegant glow for a more airy and spacious feel.


Another place to add a specific shape, pattern, or color is the floor. Textured stone, distinctively patterned tiles, or particularly knotted and grained wood are great options to add a bit more color and design to the style of the kitchen.


White or monochrome subway tiles create a clean and unique backsplash.

Personal Touches

With a Minimalist style of kitchen, it can easily become a sterile and cold room. Adding unique and small decorative pieces, such as a particular art piece, a geometric container, a painting, or a succulent, can integrate a personal flair and warmth to the kitchen. However, the goal is to add enough personal touches to create a unique kitchen and not to clutter up the open space.

Placing a nice bit of greenery to the kitchen adds some color and texture to the room while showcasing a green thumb.

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