Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen Continued

Here is few more key features to a Minimalist kitchen.


Similar to the Old World kitchen, appliances are best hidden behind cabinet doors to keep the seamless and clean-lined theme of the Minimalist kitchen. One way would be to purchase panel-ready fridges and dishwashers to match the cabinet doors in the kitchen. If purchasing these is a bit too costly, then boxing the appliances in with other cabinets, drawers, and pantries and covering them with cabinet doors can integrate them. While the best way to achieve the ultimate Minimalist kitchen is to cover everything in cabinet doors to create a beautifully simplistic unity, having a visible dishwasher or refrigerator is okay as well. It will create a little busyness and asymmetry to the kitchen, but if done carefully, can add a little flair to the style.


Minimalist Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

Kitchen Islands & Countertops

The open, uncluttered countertops is one of the most observable features in Minimalist kitchens and is the ultimate goal. Storing appliances, dishes, and other items in cabinets and off the counters helps keep the space in the kitchen open and clean. Typically, 48 to 60 inches of uncluttered counter is enough workspace for cooking and baking. Wood, quartz, marble, and stone are a few of the many natural materials that bring in subtle designs for countertops.

Islands are the focal point in many Minimalist kitchens for cooking, chatting, eating, and completing homework or work. Since it’s one of the main features in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to utilize the island for storage while keeping the Minimalist aesthetic. Adding different types of cabinet and drawer organizers will help store daily dishes and appliances. Creating a bookshelf at one end of the island can neatly hold cookbooks and small decorative items. Match the island countertop in natural materials, marble, stone, wood, etc., to the rest of the kitchen countertops for a consistent theme.

Next month, we will finish off the last of the observable traits found in a Minimalist kitchen.

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