Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen Continued

Last month we spoke about different traits for a minimalist kitchen. Here are a few more to think about.


In a Minimalist style kitchen, the natural beauty in materials is not only emphasized but encouraged. Wood, stone, concrete, quartz, and metal are great materials for the floors, counters, cabinets, racks, shelves, furniture, and storage organizers and add unique textures and patterns into the design. Reclaiming old wood or stone is an amazing way to add character to the kitchen.

Minimalist Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

Simple Cabinets

To keep with the simplicity of this style of kitchen, slab cabinet doors with a solid color are the popular choice. Slab cabinet doors continue the clean line look while keeping the room de-cluttered and minimalistic.

Mixing the deep and standard upper cabinets will provide not only as much storage as possible but will allow for different types of storage: vertical racks, extended drawers, and other small interior organizers. If there is enough vertical height, extending the cabinets up to the ceiling will allow for extra space for seasonal or sizable items.


Hardware is also simple in this type of kitchen. Grooves incorporated into the cabinet doors and drawers as handles are a great way to keep the look of the cabinets clean and within the Minimalist style. With these types of handles, it eliminates the need to coordinate all the attachable handles and knobs. It also prevents catching and potential tearing of clothes on traditional knobs and handles and knocked knuckles, bumped knees, and smacked hands while going into the cabinet for the saucepans.


When it comes to this style of kitchen, space is everything. Storage is easily turned into a well thought out area to fit everything needed for daily use. Small interior organizers, such as lazy Susans, vertical spice racks between cabinets, and fully extending shelves grants access to everything in the cupboards and cabinets. Utilizing upper cabinet shelves for the seasonal and rarely used dishes and items while adding an appliance garage for toasters or mixers are excellent ways to store larger appliances and items.

Hanging a storage rail, a shelving rail, or a hang bar can help organize daily used utensils or pots and pans and is a great way to keep the countertops free for cooking and baking. It also doubles as a way to decorate. Open shelves in nooks and corners can kill two birds with one stone. It is a great way to hold daily dishware, store foodstuffs, and display decorations.

We will continue with more Minimalist kitchen traits next month.

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