Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen

There are a lot of traits which make up a minimalist kitchen. Below we will talk about some of these traits.

Clean Lines

Rectangles and squares are common shapes to create clean lines in Minimalist kitchens. Utilizing hidden handles and hinges continues the clean horizontal and vertical lines with the cabinets, drawers, islands, and counters. Tiles for backsplashes and the floor is a good way to carry the style through along with adding other solid shapes, cubes, and rectangular boxes to the kitchen.


Minimalist Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

Single Focal Point

In kitchens of the Minimalist style, the goal is to have a single focal point in the design and decoration. It can be through the use of the color painted on the wall or the texture of the wood or marble countertops. Sometimes the focal point is on the floor as an intricate tile pattern. Utilizing a pattern, shape, design, or material is a great way to add flair to the kitchen and keep it unified. A few examples are a geometric shape, a floral pattern, or a pebble design. These are a few ways to add a personal touch to the room while keeping the decorating to a minimum.

Color Palette

When it comes to color in a Minimalist kitchen, the use of white dominates the palette. This creates a more open and clean feeling to the room. White can be the only color used in this room and then accented with the natural colors of the wood, metal, or concrete or other colors can be added. Neutral colors, such as browns, greys, off-whites, and black can help add depth and create a larger visual space in the kitchen while keeping the palette clean and simple.

Choosing a soft pastel or a bold, bright color, such as yellow, red, or green, can add a bit of flair and fun to the kitchen. However, it’s best to stick with just one color and play with the hues to create more depth. Color can also be brought in through the use of the kitchenware. A set of colorful pots and pans or colored glasses stored in open shelves can bring in that pop of color into the room.

For next month, stay tuned as we continue with more Minimalist kitchen traits.

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