What is a Minimalist Kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home for most people and families. It is a workplace for homework sessions and a gathering place for dinners, holidays, and late-night snacks and chats. It is an important place and it should be functional as well as bring warmth to the home, no matter the style. This even includes styles like the Minimalist kitchen, where it’s clean lines, open areas, and lack of clutter tend to give off a more sterile, cold vibe. However, this kitchen is one that can emulate a simple warmth, even without all the unnecessary decoration and clutter, and still be a very functional room.

Minimalist Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

What is Minimalism?

Minimalist kitchens are drawn from the minimalist movement, which has repopularized in recent years. This movement began around the 1950s and has taken many different forms over the years while stayed true with the theme of simple, clean lines. The overall motif of minimalism is a lifestyle change of simplifying, decluttering, and utilizing the space for better organization for objects, form, and space. This allows for a more functional mind and home.

When it comes to a Minimalist style kitchen, function is favored over form. All the decorations and decorative items have a functional purpose, like a stack of brightly colored pots hanging on a cabinet rail or showcasing the spices on a few open shelves. The main beauty comes from the functional design of the kitchen and the minimal decoration enhances that beauty without overwhelming the open and clean look of the style, which is the “less is more” theory.

Minimalism, Modern, & Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

Nowadays, terms like modern, contemporary, and minimalistic, are interchangeable when describing the style of a kitchen and it can be a bit confusing. These three styles tend to share the clean lines and simplified room and furniture designs that are currently popular. As similar as they may be, these are three distinctive styles. 

Next Week

Next week we will continue our discussion on minimalist style homes. We will discuss the difference between minimalism, modern, and contemporary styles and will later talk about other characteristics that make up a minimalist kitchen.  

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