Tips for Redesigning Your Kitchen
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Sometimes it is hard to define a style or specify exactly what look you are going for, and many people struggle with this dilemma when thinking about redesigning their kitchen. It’s strange to say but it’s rare to have a space be a single, specific style. The classic kitchen is a timeless look, with clean and simple design and neutral color palettes. The nice thing about the classic style kitchen is its versatility with other styles. Because of its simplicity, you are able to really make it your own by combining it other elements to create a one of a kind kitchen.

Often, classic kitchens will have simple white or cream cabinetry. The light and neutral colors are something most people are open to, and also lightens up the kitchen to make it feel bigger. The white kitchen is the defining characteristic of the classic style.

classic style kitchen white cabinets boston cabinet cures
white kitchen cabinets boston cabinet cures

The simple architectural details in the classic kitchen are another thing to note. Even with sometimes having feet, corbels, or even crown molding, they are pulled back and simplified instead of being fancy and ornate. The cabinet doors should be simple, but not modern. Simple shaker doors are a common choice for the classic kitchen.

The black and white kitchen is timeless and there are two types of countertops in particular that go great in the classic kitchen. The first is the black or white granite, soapstone, or cast quartz countertops. But for something a little different, Calacatta marble or cararra marble also stand out in the classic kitchen. If you choose marble countertops, remember that this will become the focal point of the kitchen. It takes some work to keep the marble maintenance up, but its worth it for its beauty.

granite counters white kitchen cabinets boston cabinet cures
neutral classic kitchen boston cabinet cures

For a backsplash, we recommend the classic white subway tile. The traditional size for subway tile is 3×6 but any size could work (2×6, 2×8, etc). The material, shape, size and grout of the tile can completely change the look of the kitchen.

An important part of the classic style kitchen is the subdued, neutral color palette. But it does not have to be all black and white. Having such a neutral palette allows one to bring in almost any color to accent. You could easily add a color to the backsplash instead of white, or have all your kitchen appliances match and contrast the kitchen. Brown and white is another common palette and using natural woods to soften the kitchen

Again, the nice thing about a classic kitchen is how flexible it is to change. They are a bit like chameleons. Taking a design element from another style will completely transform the kitchen into something else and create a very unique kitchen made for you.

white shaker kitchen cabinets boston cabinet cures

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