Adding glass cabinet doors gives your kitchen a vunique and open look, tailored to your everyday kitchen experience no matter your kitchen style. They break up any long wall of kitchen cabinets or accent a specific area and allow for you to add a individual touch. Glass cabinets can be a window into your life.

Benefits of Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets are able to give the illusion of a larger space. An open feel gives the space breathing room, especially in small kitchens. While tight kitchens especially benefit from glass cabinets, all kitchens can utilize a more airy look. With kitchens in a traditional or order style, adding glass cabinets can modernize the space without changing the layout or kitchen style entirely.

With the new illusion of depth, you are able to add custom elements using color and shape. Display your dishware or store your cooking books. Line the inside of the cabinets with wallpaper or paint the inside your kitchen’s accent color.

Glass Cabinets as Accents

A common way glass cabinets are utilized is as an accent on the upper cabinets. Staggering glass cabinets at intervals add variety and texture to the kitchen. Placing a pair of glass cabinet doors above an appliance highlights or frames that area as important. If you are extending your cabinets to the ceiling, the small “upper-uppers” can all have glass fronts. This separates the rest of the cabinets from the ceiling and adds a functional and beautiful upper border around the kitchen.

While glass cabinet doors on lower cabinets is not unheard of, it is less common. A common feature for glass doors on lower cabinets is the kitchen island. Many kitchen islands have doors or open shelves on the sides. Installing glass cabinet doors on these end caps are a great way to protect and display.

Beveled Frosted Glass

Making Glass Cabinets Work

You must think differently about the inside of your cabinets. By adding glass doors, they function as a usable display case. Display-only cabinets takes up valuable real estate in the kitchen, so turning it into a china hutch would be a detriment to the space. You must find a balance of usability and looks.

First, plan how you want to use your cabinets. If you plan on displaying your everyday dishware, make sure you like them and hopefully they match your kitchen well. Don’t crowd the space with glasses and plates but neat stacks can look great. Consider using an accent color on the back of the cabinets that complements the dishware and your kitchen. If you plan on using them for cookbook storage, consider organizing the books by color or height instead of alphabetically!

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If glass doors are something you are interested in for your cabinets, please contact us for more information!