The Craftsman Style Kitchen Continued

Last week we talked about the history of the Craftsman Style Kitchen. We went over Natural Materials used to make up the style and wood types used in clean-lined cabinets. In this article we will discuss stone types for countertops, floors and backsplashes. We will also go over the color palette, lighting and and backsplashes to bring the style to life.

Natural Stone Counters, Floors, & backsplashes

Natural stone is commonly found in Craftsman style kitchens. Soapstone and honed granite make great counters as they both have a worn, neutral look, which matches the general color palette of a Craftsman kitchen.

Craftman Style Kitchen by Boston Cabinet Cures

Soapstone can be darkened with an application of mineral oil from a light grey to a charcoal grey if so desired. Slate is a good stone material for floors and backsplashes.

Earth-toned Color Palette

Another characteristic of the Craftsman style is the more warm, earthy color palettes they pulled from nature and the natural materials they use. These are more muted colors and neutrals, for example, greys, browns, muted and mossy greens, off-whites, rusty reds and oranges, and golds. These are added through the natural woods and stones for counters and kitchen cabinets, colorful tiles for the walls, and through the fixtures and hardware.

Functional Lighting

Function over form was the most important value during the social movement and during this era, the lighting for the kitchens was also simple. Chandelier, drop, or pendant with strong geometric forms are the typical Craftsman lighting, with simple Mica and colorful Tiffany lights as the classic options.

Artisan Backsplashes

Tile is another typical material used to add color to the kitchen and house. There were generally hand-molding and painted with rich details of color and designs. Added to backsplashes, islands, and counters, the colorful tiles brought in appeal and character to kitchens.

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