Working Kitchen Cabinets

When thinking about changing up your cabinets, there are many options to consider. Kitchens are a place for utility so creating spaces that are ergonomic and useful will make your experience in the kitchen much more efficient. There are countless decisions when renovating a kitchen and between depth, height, and door styles, your kitchen can become a joy of a workspace again for you and your family.

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Cabinet Height

Unless you are exceptionally tall, the highest cabinets may be difficult to access without a step-stool or chair, so an option for ease of access is to just remove cabinets that are too tall. This can open the area up, provide more light, and just look like a bigger room.

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Think About Depth

Having deep cabinets, especially for food storage, can be difficult to manage. Instead of having full cabinets, putting in a shallow pantry may be a good option. Being forced to line up all your dry goods in a single row makes everything easier to find. You will never lose food you’ve purchased again behind other food.

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Is There Enough Storage?

If you need more storage but do not have the money for more cabinets, installing open shelves may make your life a bit easier. They are also useful in that you can see exactly what you have without opening up the cabinet doors to search. Definitely make sure to limit what you put up on open shelves to items you frequently use though, because they will collect dust just sitting there.

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Think about Horizontal Design

Having horizontal cabinets can be a really nice way to keep space more comfortable. Lifting the door up instead of out on higher cabinets allows for extreme ease of opening cabinets. Not having to step out of the way when opening and closing the cabinet doors is much more efficient.

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Drawers Are A Nice Addition

Installing drawers in place of some of the lower cabinets is a great investment. Being able to open and slide out storage makes for finding something quite a bit easier. All you have to do is look down inside the drawer and you can find everything you need.

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Hardware Matters

Upgrading your cabinet hardware to soft-close door hinges and drawer glides makes for an update that everyone will appreciate. Being able to close a drawer or door without worrying about slamming it and efficiently close with a single push just feels right.

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Think About Hight In General

Varying the height of the countertops can add additional comfort when working on specific tasks. The standard for a kitchen countertop is 36 inches high, but not everyone is the same height. Designing parts of your kitchen counter to fit your personal needs can create a much more comfortable workspace for prepping or cooking. The taller counters can also accommodate more storage.

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