Flexibility in Small Spaces

Small spaces in the kitchen and bathroom generate a lot of negative adjectives, including but not limited to cramped, difficult, inaccessible, inconvenient and claustrophobic. Sometimes, however, these small spaces are a fact of life that you have to work through in your living situation. All hope is not lost, though, for there is more than you think as far as flexibility goes in a small space. Whether it is a small kitchen or bathroom, you can create a usable and satisfying experience. This is especially important because you spend so much time in both places. Below we list some tips to help along the usability of these small spaces.

white kitchen boston cabinet cures

In general, lighter colors will make a kitchen and bathroom feel more open and create the illusion of a larger room. Neutrals, pastels, and white are all possibilities. Adding large vertical stripes to the walls around your kitchen cabinets can work nicely if you want to have a bolder color, and will also draw your eyes upwards. Painting or wallpapering the ceiling can make the small room, like the bathroom, feel larger because it also can draw your eyes upwards. A simple pattern or light color can complement your kitchen nicely.

And as we are talking about drawing the eye upwards, having shelves mounted from the ceiling or near the top of the ceiling will use up that unused space, create more storage, as well as bringing the eyes towards the skies. This also utilizes the small wall space in your bathroom or kitchen for your knickknacks or special teacups. 

Repeating shapes creates continuity. If the furniture, cabinets, or appliances in the kitchen have an oval, arched, or square shape, hang something similar in shape on the wall to compliment it. The echoed shapes keep the small kitchen from feeling cluttered and thrown together, which is especially important in a small space. Another option for continuity is through color palettes. Having different shades of the same color makes everything feel like they belong together due to its similarity, and using an unexpected or bright color as the focus draws away the size of the room from the mind, and instead the color coordination. This leaves your kitchen or bathroom feeling much larger.

pull out drawers boston cabinet cures

A great way to conserve space is hidden storage and converting drawers or cabinets into deep, pull-out drawers. Converting space under your counter or in a cabinet that is difficult to store much will help eliminate wasted space and provide easier access to those pots, pans, lids, and other dishes. Anything that has extra compartments for storage alongside its other use is a great investment for the small space.

Leaving your windows completely uncovered will bring light into the room. It will especially brighten the space up by reflecting off the light color of your kitchen cabinets. It will also give the room more depth. If you still require privacy, blinds or shades instead of curtains will make the space less crowded.

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