Simple Bathroom Decorating Tips Continued

Avoid clutter

Unless you want your small bathroom to feel and look even smaller, avoid clutter. This means utilizing your available space very wisely and keeping things off the floor and walls. If you can, invest in furniture and decor pieces with dual or triple purposes. Want a large vanity or cabinet? Find one with ample storage space, including room for a wastebasket and a sink or mirror.

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This way you are finding space for the things you need that won’t take up extra floor space. Also keep towels or magazines off the floor and on shelves or in drawers. Bathrooms don’t need excessive decorations. Keep your look simple and clean.

Choose appropriate lighting

That 1970s dull ceiling light is not doing anything for your bathroom, both from a decorating and space standpoint. If you have a window, maximize the natural light aspect by upstaging it. Add fun curtains and keep the window clean for the best lighting. If you don’t have a window, invest in track lighting, which gives the perception of a longer room. You can also use your lighting as your statement piece by installing a chandelier. This will instantly update your bathroom and give it a classic, glamorous feel, but it will draw the eye to something other than the size of the space.

Keep it simple

When taking on a new decorating project, it’s hard not to get overly excited and caught up with different designs, colors, statement pieces and furniture. But you’ll only end up with too much stuff, clashing pieces and things that don’t fit. When decorating a smaller bathroom, remember one thing: Keep it simple! Feature one statement piece, like a chandelier, piece of artwork, trendy shower curtain or mosaic floor, and keep the rest of the room clean cut and sleek. And as Courtney Lake advises, play it one note. “Unlike in elementary school music class, playing one note in a small bathroom isn’t a bad thing. Maximize the visual space in a room by picking one color and sticking with it on the floor and walls.”

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