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As all technology exponentially increases, what is state of the art in a kitchen has changed drastically. What used to be new and exciting—mounted microwaves under the cabinets and filtered water straight out of the fridge—is now practically standard in any modern kitchen. Here listed is a few of the new options available for the cabinet-mounted kitchen accessories and gadgets that are exciting and surprisingly useful.

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Even with a minimalist approach to kitchen aesthetic, considering lighting options underneath your cabinets can still fit within the want for clear under cabinets. There are multiple benefits to installing underneath lighting—both for ease of food prep and night lights with dimmable lighting. Especially if having something non-intrusive is up your alley underneath your cabinets, low-profile LED light strips are the way to go. With many options and the constantly advancing technology, there are many options for LED light strip installation.

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Outlets are a garish necessity to the functionality of a kitchen, breaking up the beautiful backsplash that compliments the kitchen so perfectly. Without them, all the appliances you use have no way to get power. A new possibility for power outlets being hidden underneath cabinets has solved this long-standing issue. Under-cabinet outlet strips allocate many plugs for easy access without obscuring the backsplash. The only downside to this is that if your countertop appliances are constantly plugged in and not put away, their wires will hang down and create a different, less enjoyable view. Even if you do not mind having outlets on the backsplash, having a couple installed under the cabinets can allow for other powered under cabinet items—such as lighting—to hide their power source.

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under cabinet tablet mount kitchen boston cabinet cures

Tablet Mount

It’s amazing how much technology has advanced in the last few years, and tablets can now be a great addition to your kitchen. By adding a tablet mount to the underneath of your cabinets, you can easily watch cooking videos, read recipes, and do other easy tasks without having to pull out your phone, print anything out, or have the tablet in the way or in danger of food or liquid mess while you’re cooking.

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Stemware Racks

Especially if you are running out of space within your kitchen cabinets, installing a stemware rack to be fit under the cabinets can be a functional and even visually appealing option. Being able to store many glasses in a small amount of space without the risk of them tipping over can be a great investment. The ease of access for those who use stemware glasses frequently can make the investment totally worth it. And they can also be installed inside cabinets if you want to reduce visual clutter.

under counter bottle holder with stemware rack kitchen boston cabinet cures

Bottle Holder

If you’ve installed stemware racks in your kitchen, the complementary piece for the kitchen is the bottle holder. Displaying your wine bottles right next to your stemware completes the look and feel of the kitchen, but just remember not to have it too close to heat, for the sake of the wine.

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