Tips for a Functional Kitchen

Who does not want a kitchen that is elegant and stylish? When making plans for just that kitchen remember not to overlook the functionality of it. This is a huge mistake that many make. How functional the kitchen will be for you is just as, if not more, important as the style. Here are a few tips on how to make your kitchen functional.

The first and easiest step is to organize everything. Nothing will make your time in the kitchen more frustrating when you need a spoon and have no clue where it is. An organized kitchen will never make you go searching for one again.

Make sure to use all the space that is available for you and to make your design functional. It is best to remember the triangle layout. This will keep the three main components of the kitchen together and make it easier for everyday use.

before & after kitchen

An island is a great addition to a kitchen for many reasons. One of these is that it gives more storage, again helping with organization. Remember to keep 42 inches all the way around the island to create a good flow throughout the kitchen.

One last tip to remember is the lighting. Not just the overhead lighting, but the lighting that can be used to better read cookbooks, and used to brighten up the food preparation area. The right lighting can make a job that much easier.

When having a kitchen renovation there are many steps to think about. Keep these tips in mind, making sure you have the functional kitchen that will make your kitchen experience better for years to come.

Kitchen Enhacements

The Cabinet Cures design team offers unlimited ideas for dramatically upgrading the functionality of your cabinetry. Our design ideas are in part drawn from our ShelfGenie experience of improving the functionality of over 1,300 kitchens.

Drawer Box Replacements: Are your drawer boxes and runners worn-out? Are they a struggle to open and close? We can replace your old drawer boxes and runners with the highest industry standard drawers of solid maple, with dove-tailed drawer boxes and full-extension, soft-close undermount runners.

Drawer Box Conversions: Did you ever want additional banks of drawers, but thought that it was impossible without gutting the kitchen and getting new cabinets. We can convert any base cabinet to a bank of drawers, giving a more modern look and easier access to the space. We can also convert an existing bank of drawers to a ‘traditional’ base cabinet if desired.

ShelfGenie GlideOuts: Pull Out shelves in base cabinets allow for easier access, better organization, and often times more space. Our GlideOuts are full extension, each hold 100 lbs, and come with a lifetime warranty. As owners of the nation’s leading ShelfGenie Franchise, we can share lots of best practices to make your beautiful kitchen work better for you.

Stile (Middle Post) removals: Tired of reaching around that annoying middle post that gets in the way and has no apparent purpose. We will remove those stiles, and order you wider doors to close the gap. Items in both upper and lower cabinets will be so much easier to access.

Cabinet Modifications: Need a new pantry cabinet? A new cabinet at the end of a row? Adjustments to an island, or the cabinet above the fridge or microwave? Cleaning up a little used desk area that creates clutter? We can make all of these changes to your cabinetry, and more!

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